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Latest news of December 2012, Ghana

Motorists cautioned against indiscipline during Christmas

Source: ETV-Ghana / 24.12.2012

Globally, individuals and families are looking forward to Christmas and the beginning of a New Year. To underscore the season’s importance, planning for trips and other celebrations take prominence.

The season also records when people travel the most, as friends and members of families, convene at their villages or other meeting points to celebrate.

In the rush to transport commuters during such festive occasions, motorists ignore road regulations, often resulting in accidents.

During festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year, most commuters in Ghana travel to various parts of the country by road.

As such, most of the road networks are usually busy during such period, raising the risk of accidents. The situation is made worse by the poor understanding and awareness of road signs, poor driving habits, ill-maintained vehicles and the quest of motorists especially commercial vehicles to make money, hence engaging in over speeding.

Drink driving has also been identified by the National Road Safety Commission, as one of the leading causes of road traffic accidents during festive seasons especially Christmas.

Data from the National Road Safety Commission indicates that as of the end of November this year, more than 13,500 crashes had been recorded.

The commission urged drivers, to make their trips safely by not mixing driving and drinking, over speeding and impatience with other drivers.

Drivers are to also service their vehicles before embarking on trips.

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December the 7th Election

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